Everything about Mr Naylor was perfect. He was such a brilliant teacher that he didn’t specialise in one particular subject. Life was his specialist subject and he was an expert at it.


A pin-striped suit says a lot about a teacher. It means that they are extremely important. You don’t buy a pin-striped suit - you earn one. It’s a bit like driving a Mercedes. It goes without saying that Mr Naylor always wore a pin-striped suit and (of course) he drove a silver Mercedes. His jet-black shoes were shinier than his face, which meant that they were exceedingly shiny. His necktie was fastened in one of those fancy knots that only a few people know how to do...


A hilarious character description of the world's most arrogant and nasty teacher. Believe it or not, this is based on a true story! This was my class' favourite text this year and there are some really cool writing activities that go alongside it. 

The Perfect Teacher


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