Doctor Watson has heard several loud gunshots being fired inside Sherlock Holmes’ study. After ushering Mrs Hudson (the landlord) downstairs, Watson knocks on the door and enters.


WATSON: (Pokes his head around the door) Permission to enter the armoury?

HOLMES: (Loads his gun) Granted. (Holmes fires a bullet into the wall)

HOLMES: Watson, I am in the process of inventing a device that suppresses the sound of a gunshot.

(Watson walks to the window and sharply pulls open the curtains)

HOLMES: (Howls and shields his eyes) It’s not working.


A superb play script adapted from the Sherlock Holmes (2009) film. Perfect for looking at traditional literature, texts from different time periods, language and performance, crime and punishment topics or just an awesome Guided Reading lesson. Differentiated comprehension questions, answer sheets and unique writing ideas included! 

Sherlock Holmes: A New Case


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