Dear Prime Minister,


I am writing to you concerning an extremely serious issue that requires your immediate attention.


Pancakes swimming in golden syrup, Weetabix buried in sugar and toast smeared with thick Nutella. These are just some of the nutritional no-no’s that have come to invade our breakfast table. That’s if we assume that children still eat at the table these days! Appallingly, our children start the day by stuffing their faces with fat-filled foods and this calorific cuisine is inevitably having a direct impact on their intelligence. Something must change - and fast. Therefore, after some serious thought, I have devised a simple solution: broccoli for breakfast must be made compulsory in all schools.


Whether they loved broccoli or not, your class will love this text! The comprehension questions require the children to infer deeper meaning, think about meanings of tricky words and evaluate writer's techniques. You even get some great little writing activities as well! 

Broccoli for Breakfast!


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